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September 23, 2016

Today at Discovery Middle School several classes attended the S.T.E.M. rocket show!

The S.T.E.M. students, along with their teacher Coach Griffin launched a rocket that soared through the air.

Great job Coach Griffin and S.T.E.M. students! We can hardly wait to see what you build next!

Written by: Anthony R.

Filmed by: Aaron L.

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On the 17th of October, the 8th graders of Discovery Middle School went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL for a field trip. There were many places the students got to visit during their visit. Each of the places had its own characteristics that kept the students coming back for more.

The Science of Archimedes Exhibit

The Science of Archimedes exhibit is one of the traveling exhibits that has decided to stop at the Space and Rocket Center for a few months. This exhibit offers different inventions created by not only Archimedes, but Leonardo Da Vinci and many other great inventors. It includes displays and interactive activities for children of any age. 

Saturn V Hall

Saturn V Hall includes the Saturn V Rocket, broken apart so that all of the wires and engineering shows itself to the public. It also includes many different interactive activities that provide many facts about the production, launches, and other things about the Saturn V. They even have the capsule that they sent the first monkey to space in! 

Rocket Park

Rocket Park is home to many missiles and bombs that were used in many wars. It also includes a replica of the moon landing where you can go in and walk on the 'moon'.

Shuttle Park

Shuttle Park shows off the 'The Pathfinder', a shuttle that has went into space and back.

The Main Building

The Main Building is where the traveling exhibits 'set camp', but it isn't just the traveling exhibits that are the stars of this building. It has exhibits on the military and the weapons they use, the shuttle and videos that tell you how it works and how it was created, and a beautiful jewelry display created by Kathy Chan using gems, metals, and minerals. Kathy Chan's jewelry collection is a traveling exhibit like the Science of Archimedes exhibit, but it looks like it should be a permanent exhibit because of all the amazing space themed jewelry! The Main Building also has the IMAX theater, where you can watch many movies that are playing, the Rocket Pod, where you can experience a fun simulation about space without having to go into space itself, the climbing wall, where anyone of any age can venture to the top of the wall by themselves (with safety precautions of course), and an Apache simulator, where you can 'pilot' an Apache helicopter.

The Rides

Who doesn’t like a good ride? The Space and Rocket Center offers many rides, but there are two awesome rides that stood out from the rest: The G-Force and the Space Shot. The G-Force spins you at top speed, to the point where your seat slides up the wall! The reason it’s called the G-Force is because when you're spinning around, you have three times the force of gravity pushing on you than you have when you are standing outside the ride. The Space Shot is a little bit different, but it’s the same concept. It shoots you up 140 feet into the air in 2.5 seconds. When you are being shot up, you have four times the gravity pushing on you. When you reach the top, you’re out of your seat, literally (don’t worry, you’re strapped to the seat.). Then you drop back down. It’s an exhilarating ride. Both rides are fun and had all of the kids coming back multiple times.


Lunch is the most important and looked forward to thing about the day. At least, for students it is! After a few hours exploring the Space and Rocket Center, the students left at noon to go get some food. Each bus went to a different place, so the huge number of students don’t overwhelm the restaurants and their customers. The students had many choices about where they wanted to eat lunch after the buses arrived to where they were supposed to. Some kids went to Panera, Which-wich, Smashburger, 88 Buffet, Five Guys, Jason's Deli, and many other places.

The students had a great time exploring all of the adventures that the Space and Rocket Center had to offer. They had fun and learned something in the process. All in all, everyone had a great time!    

 Written by: Phoenix J.